Five Little Rooms” Free.

Here are five lit­tle facts about “Five Lit­tle Rooms”…

  1. It’s the ninth track on our new album
  2. It started out as one song a few years ago and ended up an entirely dif­fer­ent song a few months ago
  3. It promi­nently fea­tures the words “pros­ti­tute”, “chil­dren”, “hung”, “bride­groom”, “sub­ur­ban” and “mcdon­alds” (we’re edgy now, haven’t you heard?)
  4. It was the last song to be cho­sen for the new record, which, in our per­verted world, some­how makes it the most appro­pri­ate choice for the first single
  5. It’s either the best or the worst song we’ve ever writ­ten; you decide!

Our friendly label folks wanted me to rewrite the fol­low­ing info in a more per­sonal way, but I’m hav­ing a hard time out­do­ing their infor­ma­tive enthu­si­asm. I’ll just cut and paste instead:

Get a down­load of “Five Lit­tle Rooms” now! In a few weeks, you’ll get exclu­sive infor­ma­tion on the upcom­ing Mines pre-order includ­ing a limited-edition dou­ble 7-inch with non-album tracks, exclu­sive t-shirts, screen-printed posters and more!”

Thank you for caring.

Danny / Menomena

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