Pitchfork Says…

One of the things that makes Menom­ena such a con­sis­tently great band on record is that, regard­less of how they’re arrang­ing their sounds, they know how to bal­ance them in a mix so that the lis­tener can feel the spa­tial rela­tion­ships between them. There’s a lot of room for your ear to roam on Mines, and it reveals itself over the course of a few lis­tens as a very sat­is­fy­ing album worth explor­ing and revis­it­ing. I spent one spin just focus­ing on Danny Seim’s drums– they seem to have picked up their drum record­ing tech­nique from Led Zep­pelin or the Flam­ing Lips, and the beats on this record con­se­quently sound huge. It works sur­pris­ingly well for a rel­a­tively mod­est album that leaves the high-concept art behind in favor of a sim­ple poster and works within the band’s already estab­lished range rather than stab­bing out into new territory.

…and so Mines receives an 8.2 on the ‘Fork scale from Joe tan­gari.  Read it all here.

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