NPR: Stream ‘Mines’; Stereogum: Download “TAOS

NPR is debut­ing the entire album for the masses via its web­site.  Lis­ten. They had this to say:

Menom­ena is an inven­tive Port­land, Ore., trio with a solid 10-year his­tory and now four full-length albums. The new one, Mines, has been a long time in the mak­ing. When you’re in a band with three per­fec­tion­ists, that’s likely to hap­pen, but Menomena’s process also makes for a record full of sonic treats.

Menom­ena recorded hun­dreds of these loops to cre­ate the songs on Mines, assem­bling the loops like puz­zle pieces to form the struc­ture for a given song. All of this is just the begin­ning of the song­writ­ing process for Menom­ena: The songs are per­formed, torn apart and rebuilt until they become some­thing the whole band can be proud of — prob­a­bly another rea­son it takes three and half years between Menom­ena records.

Inci­den­tally, the cover to Mines is a stere­ogram, so if you hold the card­board cover art so you can see both the back and front at the same time, the statue on the front and back cover will appear to be 3D. Yet another fun treat from a band that won’t set­tle for any­thing average.

Mean­while Stere­ogum is host­ing a free down­load of “TAOS”, the sec­ond sin­gle from Mines:

We’ve been anx­iously await­ing Mines since Kathy from the Ther­mals dropped us some knowl­edge in Jan­u­ary of last year. The Port­land trio’s per­fec­tion­ism comes across in the new album’s fan­ci­ful pro­duc­tion and in the sub­tle ways its densely orches­trated loops decon­struct across eleven songs (most around five min­utes long). “Taos” is one of the LP’s more diver­gent blues explo­sions, with fero­cious riffs and yelps inter­rupted halfway through by gen­tle triad arpeg­gios and Pet Sounds har­monies. A bit all over the place in a great way.

Soak it all in, and be sure to order your own stereogram-tastic copy with all the fixin’s at Bar­suk.

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