Free Music: “Forgive Yourself”

Hi folks.  On Jan­u­ary 5, 2012, I took the Twenty Song Chal­lenge.  Ever heard of it?  It’s where you try to write, record and mix 20 songs in one day, from 8am-8pm.  You play the game with a small group of friends — all work­ing indi­vid­u­ally — then get together at 8:30pm to order take­out and lis­ten to every­thing you each did that day.  It’s the most fun I’ve ever had being at my wits’ end.  The Jan 5 crew con­sisted of Matt Dabrowiak, Nick Jaina, Dave Dep­per, and myself.  If you know those other guys, beg them to hear their results, because the music they came up with is incredible.

It’s my sec­ond attempt at The Chal­lenge.  A cou­ple years ago, I made it to like 13 songs before promptly pass­ing out.  This time, I set out to make 20 lit­tle parts that were sup­posed to play together as one long seam­less piece. Of course, I ran out of time and had to make all sorts of irra­tional mixing/lyrical deci­sions to fin­ish the darn thing.  But what­ever.  Chi­nese Democ­racy, it’s not (and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing).

Any­way, I decided to release the result­ing piece for free here as my 11th Lack­thereøf album, in hopes that it will inspire you to take the Twenty Song Chal­lenge your­selves.  It’s a great exer­cise to cleanse the ol’ palette and to feel like you’ve accom­plished some­thing in a day, even if you’re just record­ing twenty dif­fer­ent farts with your fancy iPhone record­ing app.  There are no rules in Chal­lenge Club.  Just make sure the flat­u­lence is tonally diverse!

Speak­ing of hot air, Menom­ena is in the final two weeks of record­ing our fifth record. More news on that front com­ing soon, I hope.  In the mean­time, check out the music below, com­plete with front and back cov­ers.  Have fun!

Love, Danny

For­give Yourself

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